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Meet our boys: Oscar + Joey

I adopted these two as teeny tiny kittens from a bait shop off the side of a highway back in the Summer of 2014…  

Although they are brothers from the same litter, i’m often still shocked at how different they can be when it comes to their personalities and behaviour.

Oscar is our black + white beast. I’m not exaggerating – he just might be the cuddliest cat in the whole entire world. He’s massive. He loves sunbathing, food (errrr… maybe a little too much?), and is also an avid bird/squirrel/rabbit watcher via the sunny living room window. Both Oscar + Joey are indoor cats, but I secretly like to believe that if Oscar ever got out someday – he’d be too loving to hunt or hurt anything and would just want to make all the friends.

Joey is our all black, curious, genius cat.  He is so unbelievably intelligent it sometimes scares the you-know-what right out of us. He, too is a big cat but has always been a tad smaller than his big bro. Joey loves eating grass, having his belly scratched and going for walks in the summer on a leash.

Brothers and best friends.

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