About Us

Meet Our 2 Boys.

We are a couple of cat fanatics, living with our two big boys, Oscar and Joey. We absolutely love our cats, they seriously are the nicest boys you will ever meet! 

Oscar and Joey Sitting on a desk

Our Goal:

To Share Valuable, Honest, Occasionally Funny And Always Relevant Information.

Our Story.

We are Carmen + Ross, and our two beautiful, massive, cuddly cats are Oscar + Joey.

Ross and I come from the very cold, and incredibly diverse Canadian city of Winnipeg.

Our story begins a few years ago…

Carmen and Ross Standing in front of a sunset

Oscar and Joey were two adorable brothers from the same litter, born 8 weeks prior at Manny’s Bait Shop in 2014 on the side of a highway and I fell in love with them instantly. I had only wanted to adopt one kitten at the time – but when the lady who owned the store told me they had been inseparable from birth I couldn’t leave one behind, so naturally I took them both and have never regretted that decision since the day I brought them home!

Ross and I became partners in 2017 after working together, and the cats loved Ross right from the get go. (Joey, who is definitely the shier cat took a particular loving to Ross that to this day I have never seen him ever have with anyone else and it melts my heart every time I see them cuddle…) Anyways – to make kind of a long story short, we started this blog together shortly after that as a passion project. 

Like I mentioned earlier… We live in Winnipeg and its COLD here for at least 6 months of the year. To fuel our creativity and to keep us sane – we spend a lot of time learning and exploring the internet and online blogs, and both from a young age became passionate about building websites and connecting with people around the world who share similar interests as us.

Oscar and Joey are truly the heart and soul of our little family and our house wouldn’t feel like a home without them.
Here at The Cat Mom, we hope to share lots of honest, genuine, occasionally funny and always relevant information about being a Cat Mom (Or, Dad!) that we’ve learnt over the years.

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