The Best Cat Nail Clippers: Safest Cat Nail Clippers

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When the professionals get expensive, and the old clippers just aren’t doing the trick anymore, it’s time to take the next step: find the best cat nail clippers for you and your kitty.

Every pet owner knows the struggle of clipping your precious animal’s nails. While it’s essential to keep up with this grooming tactic, it can sure be a headache. Some cat parents hate it so much that they’d rather pay a groomer or the vet to take care of the deed.

I think I can speak for many pet owners when I say clipping your cat’s nails is no walk in the park. I couldn’t tell you the number of scratches I received as my oh-so-genuine thank you from my fur baby.

I want to walk you through some of our favorite cat nail clippers, but first, let’s learn a little more about these tools and the grooming process.

Why is Clipping Important?

Since the task itself can be so tricky—depending on your cat’s personality—you may be wondering if it’s even necessary to take the time to do it. The short answer to this question is yes, but I’d like to tell you the “why” as well.

Your Benefits

One of the most obvious answers to this question is to address the fact that a cat’s claws are very sharp. Think about a cat in the wild: they need sharp claws for protection as well as basic survival, like catching food.

However, we all know those things aren’t really a factor for domesticated cats making themselves comfortable in our living rooms.

Sharp claws can cause a number of problems.

For one, these sharp claws can harm you and your family. A scared or threatened cat will often lash out as a method of defense. The first thing to hit you at that moment is typically the claws. By trimming your cat’s nails, you reduce their ability to scratch at you and cause painful cuts and scrapes.

At the same time, you probably aren’t a huge fan of your cats clawing at your furniture. While you can always try to redirect their natural desire to scratch by using scratching posts and other products, success is not necessarily guaranteed.

When you cut your cat’s nails, you minimize the effect that their scratching has on your beloved furniture.

Even unintentional use of their claws can cause you some discomfort. If you have a cat that likes to knead, you have probably experienced this sensation right on your lap. When a cat has untrimmed nails, those sharp tips basically stab at you as they knead—and that’s certainly not ideal.

Your Cat’s Benefit

Selfishly, we all have our personal reasons for wanting our cats to have beautiful, trimmed claws. However, loving pet owners will be happy to know that cutting their nails is beneficial for your cats, too.

For one, trimming your cat’s nails is an excellent alternative to declawing. While some folks are okay with this concept, many others—including vets—cringe at the thought.

But why is declawing so bad?


Well, declawing poses several risks for cats. It has a high chance of complications that are very painful to the fluffy animals. In fact, many countries around the world have even banned this surgery.

Not only is this a painful experience for cats, but studies have shown that many declawed cats develop hyperflexion, also known as clubfootedness.

It’s important to address the fact that when a cat gets declawed, it’s a version of amputation. The vet is not merely removing the claw but has to actually cut it off from the source—which is the last bone in a cat’s paw.

Because of this, cats are forced to painfully walk on their paws. Doctor’s have linked this intense pain to heightened cortisone levels, which increases the chance of diabetes in cats.

This pain also contributes to changes in behavior. Your cat is more likely to act out, doing things like urinating outside of the litterbox, increased biting, and hiding. There is also a higher risk of arthritis because of their change in walking.

Healthy Nails

A cat’s natural need to scratch comes not only from behavioral traits but practical ideas. A cat’s nails grow in levels resembling shells. Their natural scratching comes from the need to remove the older shells and expose new ones.

Since this isn’t an exact science and we never see our cats holding a nail file, it’s no surprise that this process is not always performed to perfection. Cats often remove shells improperly or can’t remove them at all. This can lead to painful ingrown nails and infections.

When you trim your cat’s nails regularly, you are preventing future health issues. At the same time, your family will love your cat more when it’s not hurting them, developing healthier and happier relationships.

Tips for Trimming Cat’s Nails

Now that you better understand the importance of trimming your cat’s nails, you may be interested in hearing a few helpful tips to make the process more comfortable for both you and your feline friend. Purchasing the perfect tools is undoubtedly the first step, but there are other things you should know.

Make Your Cat Comfortable

Nothing is worse than a hyped-up, anxious kitty. When the time comes to clip those claws, take your cat to a quiet, relaxed room with little to no extra activity. Find a comfortable chair where you can sit with her on your lap with no distractions.

Wait Until She’s Sleepy

A tip that many cat owners like to follow is to wait until your cat is sleepy. Cats often appear groggy and tired after they’ve just eaten a meal. In fact, you may have noticed that your cats like to take a nap just after they eat. This is a great time to get them calm and trim their nails.


Get your cat familiar with all that comes with trimming her nails. Take the time to slowly and gently get her used to you holding her paws and touching her toe. This may take several days, but it’s important that she is comfortable with you doing this.

You can also try tactics to get her familiar with the trimmer. Try using a piece of spaghetti for this trick. While your cat is on your lap, clip a piece of raw spaghetti near her toes as your press her toe pad. When you clip, let go of her toe and give her a treat.

This process will help her get to know the clipping sound, and she will also associate the treat with the action, making it a more pleasant experience.

Where to Clip

It is absolutely essential that you know where to clip your cat’s nails. If you closely examine their claws, you will see a pink area towards the base. This is called the quick, and it contains nerves and blood vessels.

Always protract your cat’s claws before cutting them. This will give you a better view and more space to work with. At the same time, you should always aim for a 45-degree cut. If you are having trouble determining this angle, you can also just try to align your clipper with the bottom of their paw. This should give you a very similar result.

This part of the claw is sensitive and clipping it will not only cause your cat pain but will cause it to bleed. It is crucial that you only snip the white part of the claw. Remember, less is more!

When to Clip

Most professionals will recommend that you clip your cat’s claws every ten days to two weeks for proper maintenance. It’s also always a good idea to have your vet clip your cat’s nails whenever they are in for an appointment.

You may as well use their professional services while you’re there, especially if you are particularly nervous about doing it yourself.

What to Do if You Cut the Quick

First of all, don’t panic. Chances are, the cut you have created is more like a little nick and isn’t dangerous. However, it will bleed, so you should take care of it properly.

Remain calm. Your cat is probably going to be a little freaked out, so it won’t be helpful if you freak out too. Take your cat to the bathroom. Grab some corn starch or flour from the kitchen. You can apply a little bit of either to the tip of the nail to act as a coagulant.

The corn starch or flour should be able to stop the bleeding long enough to let a clot form. Just in case, stay with your cat for about a half hour to make sure she doesn’t remove the clot.

If the cut is more significant and you can’t get the bleeding to stop after 30 minutes, you should definitely take your cat to the vet—or at least call for some other tips. Ever heard of nail caps? Learn more about them here.

What to Look for in Your Cat Clippers

Buying certain products is not always as straight-forward as it sounds. It’s a good idea to get the low-down on what’s best in terms of your cat clippers. Check out some of these important features and details.

Most cat clippers use stainless steel blades that resemble small scissors. These are ideal because they are easy to easy, and the stainless-steel material is likely to last long and remain sharp over many uses.

Some clippers are spring loaded, while other handles cut just like paper scissors. The better of the two depends on personal preference. Scissors style handles can give you more control (i.e., you can stop the cut if your pet moves) but require more effort and force on your part.

Spring-loaded clippers are great because they require very little force on your end. However, once you put a cut into motion, there’s no stopping it; this can be a little intimidating to some cat owners.

There are other types of blades, but we are not going to be addressing those products in this review. If you’re interested in doing some research on your own, you can look into electronic trimmers and cat nail guillotines.

In addition to trimmers and clippers, you can also use nail files on your cat. Nail files are perfect for smoothing out rough edges or correcting places where your cat may have chipped their claw. Depending on your cat’s temperament, these tools can be a little difficult to use and may take some practice.

Nail Caps

If you’re still concerned about your cat’s claws and the destruction they can cause, you can try something called nail caps. Cat nail caps are tiny vinyl caps that you glue onto your cat’s nail. They come in an array of colors meant to suit every style and are pretty easy to use.

While you still need to trim your cat’s claws, nail caps can prevent your cats from harming you or ruining your personal items. They fall off naturally as your cat’s nails grow, which is also an excellent indicator that you need to do a trim.

It usually only takes a couple of days for your cats to get used to their nail caps, and a set should last you about four to six weeks. They don’t harm your kitty, and they are certainly a better solution than declawing!

Best Cat Nail Clippers Reviews

Now that you have a little more knowledge on the subject, it’s time to take a look at the products. We’ve tested and reviewed several products on the market, and these are some of our favorites.

Best Overall Cat Nail Clipper.

You know you’ve found an excellent product when you find it difficult to say anything bad about it. That’s how we feel about the Epica Pet Nail Clippers. These babies are a great solution to trimming your cat’s nails. While other clippers are solely manually operated, this Epica model features heavy duty spring action that lessens the amount of force needed on your end.

The Epica nail clippers use high-grade stainless steel that is designed to hold a very sharp edge over many uses. Because of its spring action development, you only need to give these clippers a gentle squeeze for a clean cut.

The rubber coated handles add to the convenience of the product, ensuring that your hands won’t slip and cause an accidental cut to your kitty.

We love the rounded blades on these clippers too, because they let you rest your cat’s nails at the perfect spot before you clip. Precision is everything, and these clippers deliver in that aspect.

Epica also offers a lifetime warranty that will protect you and your pets. Their excellent customer service is just a bonus added to their great product.



Clear View Cat Nail Clipper.

One of the hardest parts about cutting your cat’s nails is the fear that you’ll accidentally cut the quick and cause them pain. The Shiny Pet Cat Nail Clippers are great in this aspect because they feature an ergonomic design that lets you see the cutting area as you’re clipping.

This semi-circle design with a unique 20-degree angle ensures that you have a clear view of your cat’s nails with no guessing. At the same time, the stainless-steel blades are razor sharp for quick, clean cuts and no fuss.

The handle of these clippers is made from anti-slip rubber and is shaped like everyday scissors to fit comfortably in your hand with no chance of sliding around. We also love that this product is 100% eco-friendly because it’s made from recycled plastic and hypoallergenic materials.

Made for small animals, you won’t have to worry about yielding a huge blade or focusing a small nail in a large hole. Along with the included instructional eBook, these clippers leave nothing to chance and take the extra step to educate you on pet nail clipping.



15% Of Profit Is Donated.

Pet Republique has designed their pet nail clippers to be professional-level quality. They use only the best stainless-steel blades that feature a thick, strong, and sharp design made to last.

Known as one of the best professional cat nail clippers on the market, this tool invokes quality control techniques to keep them working for years.

The ergonomic handles make it easy and comfortable to hold and use. The blades feature two half circle shapes with angled blades for a clear view and safe trimming. The wider curve in the blades let you trim nails of all kinds, from smaller kittens to large cats.

Use the included safety blade lock to safely store your clippers when you’re not using them to keep them from harming small children or pets.

If the quality of their product isn’t quite enough to draw you in, you may be impressed by the fact that 15% of Pet Republique’s profit is donated to the American Animal Rescue Society. Not only can you get the tool you need to properly trim your cat’s nails, but you can feel good that you’re contributing to something bigger in the world of animal care.



Comfort & Grip Cat Nail Clippers.

Like many other pet nail clippers, the Safari Pet Product Nail Trimmer is made from stainless steel. However, what makes it stand out is its safety stop which is designed to prevent injury. Not all clippers include this, but Safari Pet Products has safety at the forefront of their minds.

With sharp, durable blades, you can trust that this trimmer will not only deliver quick, clean cuts but will last for years to come. Its durable design makes it reliable and well worth the costs.

Along with its sturdy blades, you’ll find that this nail trimmer includes a comfort grip handle. A handle like this ensures that the clippers fit in your hand nicely, giving you a nice hold as you take the time to clip your cat’s nail. It also gives you that confidence that you won’t slip and harm your cat.

Perfect for smaller animals, you can safely use this clipper on your cats, taking advantage of the wide, curved blade for accurate trimmings.



Free Nail File

GoPets is a company that not only delivers quality products but cares about its customers and their pets—as evidenced by their considerate designs. The GoPets Nail Clippers are professional-quality products that are available in both small and large styles, meaning you can get the right size for your cat.

This company is also very transparent, offering tough details such as their high-quality, 3.5mm thick stainless-steel design. This feature lets you get smooth, quick, and sharp cuts, which makes your life easier and your cat happier. It’s also proven through their thousands of stress tests.

A quick sensor safety guard ensures that you don’t overcut your cat’s claws or cause them pain. The handles are also designed for safety, using a non-slip coating to keep your grip firmly in place throughout the grooming process.

Included in your purchase is a nail file. While these clippers offer clean cuts, a nail file can help you maintain your cat’s nails between clippings or file down any snags you may find.

GoPets also donates some of their profits to animal charities like no-kill shelters and animal rescues, letting you give back with your purchase.



Cat Clipper Conclusion

As pet owners, I think we can all agree that we only want the best for our pets; they are a part of our family and deserve to be treated as such. With a care component as vital as nail clipping, we can’t take any shortcuts. It’s the best or nothing at all.

After looking at the features and key details, we have chosen the Epica Pet Nail Clippers as our favorite. These nail trimmers are certainly a quality product made from quality materials. The sharp, semi-circular blades let you safety rest your cat’s nails for precision.

We love that these clippers are super durable as well with long-lasting sharpness and sturdy manufacturing. The rubber-coated handles give users the confidence that they won’t slip up and harm their precious pets.

With spring action and a safety mode lock, there’s no going wrong with these clippers.

Now that we have chosen our favorite product, it’s time for you to choose yours. Whether you go with one of the products above or you take your own route and choose something different, remember to keep your cat’s comfort and safety at the forefront and always ask your veterinarian if you have any questions.

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