The 5 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats: Guide & Features

Sometimes it seems like the world of cat toys, perches, and trees just aren’t made for the larger kitties in our lives. We wish it was as easy to find tunnels that they won’t get stuck in, platforms that can support their weight, toys they won’t destroy with one swipe of their mighty paw, etc. But, unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as finding products that are made for small to medium sized cats.

Lucky for you, we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting for you. We’ve scoured through all of your options for cat trees made for large cats and narrowed the list down to 5 of the best. Keep reading to learn about all of the best cat tree for large cats options for you and your big boy or girl

Let’s get started!

Why Do You Need a Cat Tree in the First Place?

Wondering why you should invest your money into a purchase like this in the first place? There are actually a number of reasons why you should get your cat, big or small, a cat tree.


Imagine if you lived in a house with bare walls, no furniture, no TVs, no computers, no books, etc. Wouldn’t you be sad and depressed at the lack of entertainment? The lack of stimulation? You’d be forced to find ways to entertain yourself that might not be healthy or productive.

The same is true for cats! Just because you have all of your screens and human “toys” to entertain yourself doesn’t mean your cat has the same. Without proper stimulation or entertainment, your cats will find new, and probably destructive, ways to entertain themselves like pushing belongings off of shelves, scratching at your furniture, eating things they shouldn’t, etc.

That’s where a big cat tree comes in. With all of the platforms, scratching posts, toys, perches, tunnels, etc found on large cat trees, your furry friend will be entertained for hours without having to resort to destroying your favorite sweater or breaking your glass vase.


Some cats are lazy loungers. Most cats, though, get at least short burst of “zoomies” and energy that they need to get out somehow. If you don’t want them rocketing around your house knocking things over or getting into trouble, let them get their energy out with a cat tree.

They’re perfect for providing exercise to your cats: they can jump to all the platforms, chase the other cats around the perches, run up cat ladders, play with attached toys, scratch posts, etc, all on one item.

This is key for larger cats, especially if you’re finding it hard to control your cat’s weight. Large cat breeds can get very large, and not always in a healthy way. Providing cat furniture for large cats gives them a way to “work out” and maintain their health.

Territory and Dominance

Cats like to mark areas of their living space as their own territory. Giving your large cat their own piece of furniture gives them a specific place to call their own, which can help with aggression if you have multiple cats. If you’ve recently gotten the cat or if you’ve moved homes recently, It can also help your cat feel more at home in the space.

To elaborate a bit further, this is an especially great option for those of you with more than one cat. Cat towers for large cats often have multiple platforms at various height levels. This allows each cat in your house’s hierarchy to claim a platform that aligns with their position: the most dominant cat will claim the top perch, the next a level lower, etc.

This can help reduce any territorial fighting and aggression, and it can help each cat feel like they have a place in the home to call their own.

Comfortable for Sleeping

Large cats can have it a bit rough with cat trees that don’t fit them: too small platforms, tunnels without enough girth, and flimsy materials are a recipe for uncomfortable sleep and an unhappy cat.

Cat trees for big cats are designed with your big kitty in mind. Sturdier materials are used to hold their weight, platforms are made wider and larger, and tunnels will no longer squeeze their body uncomfortably. This gives them their own special place to lounge in the sun, sleep at night, and doze the day away (ah, the life of a cat).

Types of Large Cats

If you don’t have a large cat, do don’t necessarily need to get a cat tree made with large cats in mind.

“Large Cat” Definition

Generally, large cats range from 10 pounds to cats that weigh over 25 pounds! There’s no strict definition or rule that you have to have a certain cat size to get a cat tower made for large cats, but if you have a smaller breed or a smaller cat, a cat tower for large cats might not be necessary.

Large Cat Breeds

Here are some breed that are often considered to be “large cat breeds” that usually need larger options:

  • Maine Coon
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Siberian Cat
  • Ragamuffin
  • Ragdoll
  • Turkish Van
  • Siberian
  • Chausie

Again, there’s no specific “requirement” or “required breed” for the the extra large cat tree options we’re going over in this post.

Do Large Cats Need Special Cat Trees for Large Cats?

In short? Sometimes.

Let’s elaborate on that annoying vague answer for a bit.

Some large cats will be perfectly happy with a “regular” cat tree since some “regular” sized cat trees have larger platforms, tunnels, etc. However, we’d say that this is going to be rare.

Think about it. If you’re designing a cat tree for average sized cats, why would you make a platform that happens to hold a 30 pound cat when most cats weigh less than 10 pounds?

We’ve alluded to the answer to this question a bit already in this post, but the fact of the matter is that big cats need some special thought when it comes to a cat tower. They’ll need a cat tree that:

  • Is designed to hold more weight
  • Can withstand the jumping/climbing force of a large cat
  • Has platforms large enough for them to sit and lay down comfortably
  • Has more sturdy scratch posts/materials
  • Has built-in toys/features that can withstand a stronger playmate
  • Is designed with tunnels and features that won’t get your cat injured/stuck because of their size

These are just a few of the things you’d have to keep in mind and check if you bought a cat tree designed for “average” size cats for your large cat. Make it easier on yourself by looking for a cat tree that’s made to hold and stand up to your big cat.

Best Cat Tree for Large Cats Reviews

Now that you know more about cat trees for big cats and why you might need one, let’s look into some specific options that you should consider. I’m going to go into the details and information on these five of the best cat trees for large breeds:

  • Go Pet Club Cat Tower For Large Cats
  • New Cat Perch Extra Large Cat Tree
  • Go Pet Club Cat Tree and Cat Condo For Large Cats
  • Go Pet Club Tall Cat Tree
  • Go Pet Club Sturdy Heavy Duty Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tower For Large Cats

Best Overall

The Go Pet Club 23 inch cat tree earns the spot over “best overall” on our list of cat trees for large breeds. While it doesn’t have much in terms of toys or add-ons, its simplicity, low price, and durability is what makes this one so great. The black and brown color scheme lets this fit into any room or design aesthetic without issue.

Perhaps the best part of this option is that this is a large cat tower, but it’s not a large cat tower. What do I mean by that? I mean that this cat tower is made for large cats to lounge and play comfortably, but the tower itself isn’t made so large that it’s going to take over your entire room.

It have 2 levels, the larger top perch and a smaller the bottom perch. It’s only about 23 inches in height, so even your largest cat will be able to jump to the top platform with ease.

Another bonus is the low price. Sometimes specialty products for large cat breeds can get expensive, but this is one of the cheap cat trees for large cats that still maintains its high quality.

Owners also love that it’s easy to put together, small enough for them but large enough for their cats, and the soft carpet material. Owners with cats over 20 pounds say that this works perfectly: their cats can lounge comfortably, the materials are durable to support their weight, and the scratch post holds up to their more powerful claws.

However, some found that their heavy scratch-inclined cats made quick work of the scratch post. Another downside is there are only two perches and there are no added toys, condos, or other features for added entertainment.



New Cat Perch Extra Large Cat Tree

Wide Base & Strong Support

Next on our list is the New Cat Perch extra large cat tree. This option is one of the best sturdy cat trees for large cats because of the wide base and the sturdy support beams on the side and underneath the lowest level perch.

The materials are also some of the highest quality of any on this list. Very strong and solid hardwood makes up the “bones” of this cat tree, which ensures even the largest of cats will be supported and you won’t risk the tree collapsing or breaking.

The carpet material is plush and household grade, meaning your cats will get a luxury cat tree experience. The two scratch posts are also made with strong, thick, and durable rope that can stand up to the force and power of your large cat’s claws.

Unlike the first option, this one is actually a “tower” with a larger height of 32 inches. It also has three panels in various sizes with the top one 18.5 inches across, the middle 16 inches long, and the bottom one at 21 inches long. So if you’re looking for a large platform cat tree, this could be it.

Owners love the varied sized platforms that they say can fit even their largest kitties. They also love the color options: blue, beige, brown, and grey. This gives you a little more say on the style than other options that only come in one color.

There is a catch to all of these awesome benefits: it’s the most expensive option on our list. It isn’t for nothing, though, as you do get one of the most well-built, sturdy, durable, and high-quality extra large cat tree options available.

One other downside a couple reviewers mentioned is that the top perch isn’t “deep” enough for their cat to sleep or lounge comfortably. However, others say their cat loves the top perch, so it may be more of a case by case basis on what you know your cat likes/dislikes.



Go Pet Club Cat Tree and Cat Condo For Large Cats

Built-in Toys & Entertainment

If you’re looking for something with a bit more entertainment value compared to the first two simple options, then this Go Pet Club Cat Tree and Cat Condo tree is worth considering. Cat condos for large cats can be tricky since they not only have to be long enough, but the also need to be wide enough and have enough girth for your large cat to lay comfortably.

And that’s where this option succeeds. It comes with a wide cat condo that can fit large cat breeds comfortably. Not only that, but it also has built-in toys and entertainment galore with a cat ladder, a hanging rope, four scratch posts, and a hanging mouse toy for your cat(s) to play with.

Unlike the other two options we’ve gone over, this is a true tower. It stands at 47 inches tall, which could be a positive or a negative depending on the space you’re in and what you’re looking for. A plus to the taller height is that it has three height levels and goes high enough to accomodate cats who like a higher perch.

The wide baseboard and wood platforms provide sturdiness that will stand up to your large cats jumping up and down with ease. The faux fur material is soft and comfortable, and it also comes in a few different colors to match your aesthetic.

There are a few downsides, though. Owners say that while it was overall easy to assemble, they wished that the posts were made of a stronger material. They also say that the top most perch and the hanging mouse toy aren’t as sturdy as the rest of the tower, especially for their large and strong cats.



Go Pet Club Tall Cat Tree

Many Different Levels

Here we have another Go Pet Club option for you that also features amazing entertainment and condos for your cats. If you’re looking for tall cat trees that are a bit sturdier, then this is an excellent option.

This is the equivalent of a cat theme park mixed with a cat hotel. With a whopping 6 various levels, your cats will be in heaven with all of their options. Not only are there many different levels on this 62-inch tower, but it also comes with three perches, a cat hammock, a tunnel, a cat condo, six scratch posts, a hanging rope toy, and a lounging basket.

The wide base and the seven support beams made of solid wood give this cat tree a sturdy foundation that can withstand play, jumping, scratching, etc, from the largest and strongest cats. It comes in four color options, is made with soft carpet material, and owners say that both small and large cats love it!

Onto some downside. Owners say that after a few months a couple of the perches became wobbly and loose, including the hanging hammock and the top most perch. Others found that their very large cats couldn’t fit comfortably in the condo or tunnel, so that’s also something to keep in mind.

Others also mentioned that the carpet material on this one sheds a bit, especially if you have cats that like to scratch and rub.



Go Pet Club Sturdy Heavy Duty Cat Tree

Large 2nd Level Condo

Lastly, we have another Go Pet Club option. It’s definitely an excellent sturdy option thanks to the wide base, the 5 support beams, and the solid wood foundations.

Another bonus with this option is the large cat condo area on the second level of the tree. An entertaining ladder leads the cat into the condo with two entrances/exits so they can stay comfortable. There are also two other perch areas on two different height levels to provide variety and extra places for multiple cats to enjoy.

There are also five scratch posts and a hanging mouse toy to provide more entertainment to your cats as they lounge and play. It comes in two simple color options, brown and beige, and stands at about 52 inches in height.

It is a self-proclaimed cat tree for “medium sized cats” though, so that’s something to keep in mind. Owners agree that large and very large cat breeds might not enjoy this one as much as medium to medium-large cats would, since the perches themselves are only about 11.5 inches in length and the condo just over 12 inches.

Other owners complain that the materials aren’t strong enough to hold up to strong and powerful large cats citing that they easily scratched up the carpet and that it didn’t seem sturdy enough to hold them. However, this could be because it’s more for medium/medium-large cats than true large cat breeds.




For us, the first option, the Go Pet Club 23 Inch Cat Tree, also takes first place of the best cat tree for large cats. It’s super affordable, can fit into any home, and does exactly what you need it to do: provide your large cats with a comfortable, safe, and sturdy place to lounge, sleep, and play.

However, if you’re looking for something with some more bells and whistles, then we recommend the third option, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House, that comes with condos, toys, and scratch posts galore!

Want to look at a few more options before you choose? Check out our other article reviewing the best floor to ceiling cat trees to learn about some other options! You can also contact us with any questions you have.

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