Best Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees: Review

The best floor to ceiling cat tree
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Listen, we get it.

We all wish that we could give our cats the wonderland they deserve: winding tunnels, platforms to jump to and from, dangling toys they can swat at, etc. But, you don’t want your apartment or home to become their apartment or home, right? You need your own space while still providing your cat places to feel comfortable, entertained, and occupied.

That’s where a floor to ceiling cat tree comes in. This type of cat tree gives your cat (or cats!) plenty of places to climb, play, and lounge, all without taking up too much floor space. Cats also love the height of these guys: they can take in their entire domain like a king does with his subjects (let’s face it… your cats are royalty in your house, aren’t they?).

There are hundreds of options out there, so which should you pick? In this post, we’re going over five of our favorite floor to ceiling cat post options along with the details of each in order to help you pick.

Let’s get started!

Why Do You Need a Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree?

Floor to ceiling cat tree designs offer many benefits to you and your cats.


When I first got my cats, I had minimal cat supplies, as is normal with first time cat parents. As a result, my cats made due with what they had.

This meant climbing my curtains, hopping on top of the fridge to knock over the mail we kept up there, clawing at the arm of my couch, attempting to climb (and knocking over) our house plants, etc.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Your cats need entertainment or they’re going to entertain themselves with your possessions, furniture, and more. A great cat tree will provide entertainment and fun to your cats so maybe they’ll stop climbing your dresser (…maybe).

Dominance Issues

A cat tree, floor to ceiling iterations in particular, is also great for households with multiple cats. When you have multiple cats, one is going to be the dominant one over the other(s). With other types of cat perches or homes without cat trees, fights can break out between cats when fighting for the positions on the tree.

What’s great about floor to ceiling options is that most often the dominant cat will take the highest perch position on the tree while the more submissive cat or cats will situate themselves lower down.

Some of these types of cat trees also have ample space for multiple platforms and perches, which means that each of your cats can have their own personal space or territory on the pole/tree.

This can reduce territorial aggression and designate areas for each cat in the hierarchy to be happy and comfortable on the pole.

Timid Cats

Timid and shy cats like to be able to complete survey their surroundings in order to feel safe and secure. A floor to ceiling cat tree gives your timid cat the high-up view they need to feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

Even cats that aren’t particularly timid feel safe up high: it gives them a vantage point, gets them away from kids/scurrying feet/dogs/etc.

Other Benefits of a Cat Climber Floor to Ceiling Option vs Other Options

Floor to ceiling cat climber options are tall and narrow compared to other climber options that are lower to the ground and wider. Let’s look at some benefits of why a floor to ceiling option might be better for you.

Saves Space

Whether you live in a small apartment in a big city like Chicago or you just don’t want your entire living room taken up with cat climbers/supplies, a floor to ceiling option saves space. Rather than taking up a large amount of floor space with a widespread base/offshoots, a floor to ceiling option takes up vertical space that’s usually unused anyway.

This saves both floor and walking space, which is perfect for small areas, tiny rooms, and high-traffic areas as well.

Gives Cats Height

As we said earlier, many cats like to get up high to take in their surroundings. That’s why you’ll often find them on top of the fridge, climbing your curtains, etc. The extra high of these types of cat climbers gives your cats the vantage point of height. Many also come with adjustable heights to give your cats more or less, depending on what they like.


Of course, there’s some variety in the price of all cat products. However, we’ve found that many ceiling to floor cat trees are less expensive than other types of cat climbers because they’re simpler and less elaborate. They also tend to need less in terms of installation, which can also cut down on the cost.

Great for Single and Multiple Cat Households

Both single and multiple cat households can find a match with this type of cat tree since many come with multiple platforms. Some other smaller cat tree floor to ceiling options don’t have more than one perch or place for a cat to lounge, which makes it not as suitable for a house with more than one feline friend.

These trees, however, usually have more than one perch to accommodate more than one cat. Even if you only have one cat, they’ll appreciate the multiple options for lounging, surveying their kingdom, jumping to, etc.

What Details Should You Look for with a Floor to Ceiling Cat Climber?

Each cat climber is going to vary slightly: materials, size, height itself (sure it’s a cat tree “ceiling to floor”, but ceilings and floors vary, don’t they?), platform number, design/aesthetic, fastenings/stability, etc.

Let’s look at the details of a few of these.


Both the structure and the outer layers of a cat tree ceiling to floor options are super important to take note of. Those of us with cats who love to scratch know that cheaper and flimsier materials are going to last about three days of scratching. Even if those materials are more budget-friendly, it means that the tree won’t last very long in the hands (or the paws, rather) of a dedicated scratcher.

For the highest quality and longest lasting trees, look for ones that are made with solid hardwood, scratch posts, ropes, and tough carpeting (like nylon, for example). These will ensure that your tree can stand up to claws and teeth alike while also ensuring stability from tipping over.


Speaking of stability, there are certain fastenings, materials, and features that will tell you how stable the tree is. First of all, if the tree has no fastenings and depends on “wedging” itself between the floor and the ceiling, make sure it’s a perfect fit. Otherwise, you could risk it tipping or falling over, which is a safety hazard for you and your cats.

Screws are, in general, more stable than nails in terms of fastenings, but both are acceptable. Carpeting and ropes held down by glue will usually be easily ripped up by active cats, so look for ones held down by staples if you have active scratchers on your hands.

Number of Platforms

This factor won’t always be an issue, especially if you only have one cat. A single cat would be happy with one or two platforms. However, if you have more than one cat, look for trees that have at least one platform for each of your cats. This can reduce the chance of fighting and reduce some territorial/dominance issues.


Before you buy the perfect tree, be sure that it’s going to fit in your house! Trees will very in height just as ceilings do. Measure the areas you’re planning on installing the tree and compared to the measurements given for the cat tree.

Also, take your cat into consideration.

Sure, many cats love climbing. But if your cat doesn’t or doesn’t really care, do you need an extra tall cat tree? Or would they be happy with a different type of cat condo?


We want to spoil our pets. But be smart, here. Know your budget and go into the buying project with that in mind. As we said earlier, many floor to ceiling cat tree options are less expensive than more extravagant ones, so that’s good news for those of us watching our spending. However, just like with all things, you can still find expensive and higher end options out there if you want to spend a bit more on your favorite feline buddy.

Design Aesthetic

Remember how we talked about not letting your cats take over your entire house? That’s where the design aspect comes in.

Do you really want an ugly or bulky looking pole in the middle of your living room? Probably not.

Take the time to look at different cat tree options that match your design aesthetic. You can get different colors, different styles, different materials, etc, that match your living area so it doesn’t look like the cat tree is out of place or, to be blunt, attractive in your home.

What About a Modular Cat Tree?

A modular cat tree is a design style that allows you to move around the pieces of the tree in order to make different shapes, configurations, etc. While you could potentially construct an awesome modular cat tree, you won’t get the same height with stability that you get with a floor to ceiling option.

However, modular cat trees offer variety and interesting designs for you and your cats, so they’re another option to consider along with (or instead of) floor to ceiling climbers.

Best Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree: Top Picks

Now I’m going to break down the details and information on these five cat climbing poles so you can decide which is going to be best for you, your home, and your cat(s):

  1. FurHaven Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree
  2. Trixie Adjustable Floor To Ceiling Cat Pole
  3. Cat Craft Floor To Ceiling Cat Tower
  4. Trixie Floor To Ceiling Cat Post
  5. Go Pet Club Floor To Ceiling Cat Climber

FurHaven Floor To Ceiling Cat Tree

Best Overall

The FurHaven “Cat Ladder Playground” combines entertainment with design style that will excite both you and your cats. With 3 different color options to choose from (cream, brown, and grey), this 23.6″ x 15.75″ x 114″ to 127″ cat tree comes with an adjustable top so it fits perfectly with your ceiling height. This adjustable top also add extra stability by ensuring it it snug between the floor and the ceiling.

It have 5 levels where your cats can perch and play. It also comes with a hammock-style perch, a cat ladder, and a ball toy attached to a spring wand. The sisal posts stand up to even the toughest and most determined scratchers, and the wood material keeps this tree sturdy and durable.

Owners also love that the carpet/plush material on this cat tree is easily washed if your cat has accidents or gets it dirty. Owners also say that it’s easy to set-up and install, and it’s also easy to move around if you want to change where it’s set up in your home.

However, despite multiple platforms, many owners say that it’s better for single and/or smaller cats since the platforms are somewhat small. The orientation of the platforms can be a bit awkward for certain locations, as well, so be aware of their configuration before you install.



Trixie Adjustable Floor To Ceiling Cat Pole

Stable Wide Base

Like the FurHaven option we just went over, this Trixie cat climbing pole floor to ceiling is truly to any ceiling as it also is height-adjustable with heights ranging from 96 to 110 inches. It has a bit wider of a base/width (18 inches) compared to the FurHaven option, but this gives the added benefits of increased base stability and larger shelves/perches.

It has three heights/platforms for your cat and includes a hanging pom-pom toy, a cat condo perch, and three platforms to lounge on. The material is a soft plush in beige with six scratching poles wrapped in sisal and the condo lined with warm, cozy fleece.

Owners say this is easy to assemble with sturdy screws, blends perfectly with all home designs because of the beige color, and that the materials are sturdy, durable, and comfortable for their cats. For the reasonable price, it’s high-quality and well-loved by cats and owners alike.

The only downsides of this cat pole is that some owners say their cat found it hard to jump up to the third level and that the adjustable pole top was a bit hard to figure out.



Cat Craft Floor To Ceiling Cat Tower

Best Budget Option

This three-tier floor to ceiling cat tower is a great option for those of you on a budget. This is the least expensive option on our list, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t quality or up to our standards (we wouldn’t give you an option that we wouldn’t give our own beloved cats).

With an adjustable height that reaches up to 9 feet, it has three simple lounging platforms for your cats to enjoy. It comes in multiple earth tone colors and a simple, pole-plus-platform design that will fit in almost any room/home.

The platforms allow multiple cats to enjoy the height and jumping to and from that they love. It’s made with a soft carpet material.

All that being said, you don’t get many extras with this one. There are no scratching poles and no built-in toys/ladders. Some owners found that their active/scratching cats tore the material quite easily. Others noted that it isn’t as stable as other towers because of the more narrow base.



Trixie Floor To Ceiling Cat Post

Fleece Lined Condo

Here we have another Trixie brand option for you. For a slightly bigger expense, you and your cats get a bunch of awesome extras that they’ll love to play with.

Like the other Trixie option, this cat post is adjustable in height (from 87 to 102 inches), comes in a simple beige color, and wrapped in the same soft, plush material. This one, however, also comes with a fleece-lined cat condo with two entrances/exits, a play tunnel, a ladder, a hammock-style platform, and three other lounging platforms at 5 tiers of height.

It also has 10 sisal wrapped poles for ultimate scratching options, along with sisal wrapped ladder stairs/rungs that lead right to the cozy condo.

Owners love the soft material, the ease of installation, and the sturdiness. Many owners of large cats say that this cat post can stand up to them easily, support them, and last against constant jumping, scratching, lounging, etc. The only critiques are that the play tunnel is a put short for cats to lay down in and some found the the wire frame bends over time, especially with multiple large cats.



Go Pet Club Floor To Ceiling Cat Climber

Largest Option

Last, but certainly not least, is this Go Pet Club cat climber. This is the largest option on our list with a whopping three cat condos, three hammock style platforms, and two regular lounging platforms to give your cats a wide variety of options for their entertainment!

With an adjustable height of 92″-106″, it attaches securely to the ceiling to add stability. This is the largest option on our list, which means that it’s a bit wider than others we’ve gone over (base is 50”) that could cause a problem for smaller spaces.

But if you have the space and have multiple cats, we definitely recommend this one for the number of platforms and the high-quality materials it uses. It uses solid wood, sisal wrapped posts, cat ladders, and soft, cozy faux fur to create a durable and comfortable cat climber.

Because of how all of the platforms and condos are staggered, it’s technically 18 different height levels for your cat to enjoy. Owners love that it’s easy to assemble and the assembly allows you to slightly modify the design if you wish! This means it can fit almost any space and can be modified for you cats likes/needs.

Downsides? There aren’t many complaints with this one. We found some owners found that the baskets/hammocks were to small for larger cats. Others think that for the price, it should be sturdier.




For us, the overall winner is the Trixie Adjustable Floor To Ceiling Cat Pole.

The multiple features of this cat pole make it perfect for most cat owners. Cats love the materials, especially the cozy fleece-lined cat condo, the comfortable lounging platforms, and the many scratching pole option. And owners love the materials because they’re long lasting, stable (especially with the slightly wider base!), and will match almost any home aesthetic.

But, as we all know, cats can be finicky and picky. So try it out and see what they like and don’t like, and don’t be afraid to try a few options. Leave me a comment on what cat pole you have for your cats and what you think of the ones we went over here!


Ross Spark
Ross Spark
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