The Best Pellet Cat Litters: Natural Cat Litter

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Are you tired of seeing cat litter tracked all over your house?

Do you also hate the dust that raises up into the room every time your cat uses their litter box?

And is your poor cat constantly cleaning and licking because they have litter stuck to their feet?

If you switch to pellet cat litter you won’t have to deal with any of these issues any longer!

That’s right – this magical formula exists.

Pellet cat litter is an excellent choice for so many reasons.

So, I’m going to answer all the questions I know you have about pellet cat litter. And then I’m going to tell you about the best pellet cat litter you can buy.

What Exactly Is Pellet Cat Litter?

Pellet cat litter is basically any (usually biodegradable) material used to form into pellets to use as cat litter.

It’s a great alternative to traditional clay litter, and other types of litter such as clumping and crystals.

Why Would I Want To Use Pellet Cat Litter?

You probably already know that clay cat litter is the most traditional litter option – and the least expensive. And that clumping litter is likely one of the easiest to clean.

But you should consider using pellet cat litter for these reasons:

It’s Sustainable

Pellet cat litter is one of the only biodegradable, recycled options out there for cat litter so it’s an incredibly sustainable choice. Some formulas are flushable (check first!) and most of them can be composted and recycled.

In a world where everyone is looking for more sustainability – using pellet cat litter made from biodegradable, recycled materials is a fantastic way to do your part.

It Controls Odors

You don’t have to worry about nasty odors when you use pellet cat litter. They are highly absorbent and will either puff up or break down if they get wet. Some formulas add some natural scent, but most pellet cat litters are made from materials which are already fantastic for odor control.

It Produces Little To No Dust

When your cat gets in and digs around you won’t get a ball of dust floating out of the litter box. This makes it a fantastic choice for anyone who suffers from allergies or who feels irritated from the dust and residue you get with traditional cat litter.

It’s Low To No Tracking

One of the very best things about pellet cat litter is that it won’t get stuck to your cat’s paws! You won’t have to clean up litter tracked all over the house anymore.

That alone is what makes most people switch over to pellet cat litter!

Cats Love It!

Most cats like the feel of the soft pellets under their feet, and this will help to encourage any skittish cats to use the litter box.

Is Pellet Cat Litter Safe For Me And My Cat?

Yes! Pellet cat litter is one of the safer cat litter options for both you and your cat.

Pellet cat litters all put off very low to no dust so you have a lot lower chance of allergies or respiratory irritations – in you and your cat.

Most of the materials used to make pellet cat litter come from natural sources and most contain zero chemicals.  

Cats will often groom their paws after using the litter box to get any excess residue off. When you use a pellet cat litter not only will they not have as much to clean off – but it is totally safe for them to ingest.

Speaking of which…

What Are Some Common Materials Used To Make Kitty Litter Pellets?

Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is used to form into pellets to make cat litter. It absorbs the urine and the paper breaks down.


Yes, corn can be used to make into pellet litter! It’s also super absorbent and provides excellent odor control.

The only issue with corn is that some cats have sensitivities to corn. So, if they lick it off their paws, they could experience some of the symptoms which come along with corn sensitivities. Use this type only if you know your cat is not sensitive to corn, otherwise choose another natural pellet formula.


Pine is the most popular wood pellet cat litter and is generally made from lumber scraps and other untreated wood. It’s heated to remove all oils and other toxins before it’s made into litter.

The natural woodsy scent is fantastic for odor control and it usually turns to sawdust when it gets wet.


Ground wheat is formed into pellets and used as cat litter. However, as with corn, some cats can have sensitivities to wheat so watch for any wheat sensitivities in your cat and switch to another natural litter if you see them.

Walnut Shells

Crushed walnut shells are another great option for biodegradable cat litter. Walnut shell litter is still a little harder to find and is a bit more expensive than the other types of pellet litters.


Grass is a fairly new option when it comes to pellet litters. This formula is quite hard to find and usually is quite a bit more expensive. But it’s a great natural choice to keep odors managed.

Isn’t Pellet Cat Litter More Expensive?

Yes, pellet cat litter is a bit more expensive bag for bag then other types of litter. This is because the manufacturing process for pellet cat litter can get a bit expensive. Obtaining the recycled materials, making sure they have had any toxins removed, and making them into pellets can take some time.

But since pellet cat litter is so absorbent, you’ll find you’ll be able to use less each time you change the litter box – so your bag will go further.

Not to mention the fact it’s so much better for the environment. And just think of the frustration you will be saved by not having to vacuum up litter which has been tracked all over the house.

What Do I Need To Know About Buying Pellet Cat Litter?

All pellet cat litter is made a bit differently. And you should make sure you read your labels carefully before buying. Here are a few things to look for:


While most natural pellet cat litters are unscented, they still do the job of masking odors quite well. However, some formulas add extra scent – and this can sometimes be a bit unpleasant. So, make sure you – and your cat – are alright with the scent, or make sure you’re buying an unscented formula.


As I said above, pellet cat litters are typically made from natural materials which are recycled. Some companies will try to add in unnecessary ingredients, so check the label carefully before you buy.


We’ve already talked about the fact that pellet cat litters are a bit more expensive than standard clay litters, but there’s no need to spend a fortune! There are some formulas which have extensive claims and try to charge a lot more – but these aren’t usually necessary.

How Should I Change Over My Cat’s Litter?

If you’ve been using a different type of litter, such as clay or crystal, and are now convinced you need to switch over to pellet litter there are a few things you need to know.

As with cat food, cats don’t respond well when litter is switched over from one day to the next. Even if they ultimately like the new choice, they may repel from it and take several days to come around.

The best way to switch from one litter to another is to do it gradually. Start by adding a little of the new litter in each time you change it, until you have switched over completely.

And keep in mind that most formulas of kitty litter pellets expand – some quite significantly. So be very careful not to overfill your litter box when changing it. Putting two to three inches in the bottom of the box should be more than enough once you account for your cat pawing around – and the expansion of the pellets.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know About Pellet Cat Litter?

Pellet cat litter doesn’t clump very well. So, if you are specifically looking for a clumping formula you may want to consider another type of litter.

However, although it doesn’t clump since it is biodegradable it breaks down a lot easier. And these fine particles are quite simple to clean up.

It isn’t just your cat who can be sensitive to certain products used to make the pellets. If you are allergic to pine, nuts, corn or any other material used you’ll probably want to try another formula.

How Often Should I Change Pellet Litter?

Although most types of pellet cat litter don’t clump you should still scoop out feces and all broken down material on a daily basis. Add in a bit more litter as needed.

Once or twice a week, depending on how full the litter box gets, dump the whole thing out and give it a scrub to remove any bacteria. It can help to have two litter boxes so you can have one soaking and cleaning and another one available for your cat to use.

Clean out the litter box with a (safe) mild detergent and warm water and give it a deep clean with disinfectant every three or four changes.

And don’t forget to always wash your hands after handling any type of cat litter! You don’t want to spread bacteria. Plus, cat feces may contain Toxoplasma gondii – a parasite which can cause Toxoplasmosis, which is extremely dangerous for young children, pregnant women, and anyone with a weakened immune system.

What Else Should I Know About Litter Boxes?

Some cats prefer more privacy than others so you may have to experiment with using a covered cat box. And no matter what don’t place the litter box in a highly trafficked area! Tucked in the back of a closet, in a quiet garage, or somewhere else not a lot of people are around are great areas for a litter box.

If your cat flicks their litter outside of the box – or if you notice they always stand on the edge of the box to do their business that usually means they need a bigger litter box.

And finally, if your cat is acting strange around their litter box – like suddenly peeing on the outside instead of inside, they’re in there for much longer than usual, or are making frequent trips you should pay attention. They may have a urinary tract infection, intestinal issues, or something else going on and you should consult a qualified veterinarian.

So, Are You Ready For my Cat Litter Pellets Reviews?

If you were to go cat litter shopping, I’m sure you would be stunned at how many choices you have! Even when you narrow it down to specifically pellet cat litter the amount of choices can be overwhelming. So, I’ve done all the work for you. After trying and researching the many options out there I have finally come up with the five very best.

  • Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter, Unscented Low-Tracking Option
  • Feline Pine Cat Litter – Original
  • Purina Yesterday’s News Fresh Scent Paper Cat Litter
  • Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets
  • So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter, Unscented Low-Tracking Option

Best Overall

This is very really your best pellet cat litter option.

And it’s certainly your most eco-friendly choice!

Yesterday’s News has been around a very long time and is just as popular now as it was then. They are proud of the fact that they have been the # 1 choice of U.S. Veterinarians since they began.

It’s aptly named as it’s made from used newspaper (yesterday’s news!) which has been recycled, had any toxins removed and been made into pellets.  According to their website, more than 20,000 tons of paper is recycled every year to make this popular cat pellet cat litter.

That’s a lot of paper which likely would have ended up in a landfill somewhere!

This pellet litter is super absorbent – in fact it’s about 3 times as absorbent as clay litters. It gives off no dust or other residue, and your cat won’t track it through your house.

The unscented formula doesn’t have any unnatural smells, but it’s surprisingly good at masking other odors.

It is a fantastic choice for anyone with allergies as it gives off ZERO dust – and is unscented.

It’s also a fantastic value for the cost.



Feline Pine Cat Litter – Original

Pine Scent Masks Odor

This is the best wood cat litter.

Pine litter works like magic little sponges sucking up moisture. Pine is super low dust and the sawdust it does crumble down to after it disintegrates is soft and easy to clean up.

Th Feline Pine Cat Litter gives off a nice, but not overwhelming pine smell to mask odors.

There are zero added chemicals or scents. And you can get a pretty big bag for a very fair price.



Purina Yesterday’s News Fresh Scent Paper Cat Litter

Light Scent Not Overwhelming

This is the best recycled option.

You’ll notice this review sounds awfully familiar – and that’s because it’s the same as the first product reviewed above. This is just the fresh scent formula.

As you can tell I am a big fan of Yesterday’s News cat litter. Just as I said above Yesterday’s News is a fantastic pellet litter which is made from recycled newspaper.

It’s very absorbent and extremely easy to clean.

The fresh scent in this formula is light and does a good job of masking the slight odors. But it won’t fill your room with scent.



Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets

99.9% Dust Free

This entry gets the prize for best unique litter system.

Tidy Cats is known for their innovative products and the cat litter system they have come up with is nothing short of genius.

This pellet litter is designed to work with the Tidy Cats BREEZE litter system. Although you don’t absolutely have to have the complete system to use this litter, it does work best with the box, pad, and scoop that completes the system.

This system is specifically designed for homes with multiple cats. The litter pellets are made from silica gel and zeolite, which allows the urine to pass through and be absorbed by a pad which comes with the system if you have it. The solid matter stays on top – where it dehydrates it.

If you don’t have the complete system you can still use the pellets, but you’ll just have to drain out the bottom of the box where the pad would catch the liquid.

Unfortunately, these pellets are not recyclable as most pellet cat litter is – but since you use less, and it doesn’t retain any fluid you can change it less. So, this still makes it a better choice than any clay cat litter.

Clean up of this litter is truly a BREEZE and the pellets are 99.9% dust free. It’s great for controlling the scent as well.



So Phresh Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Easy Clean-up

This litter is your best budget option.

This is another pellet cat litter made from recycled newspaper. This brand adds baking soda and zeolite for extra odor control.

Since it is paper, you’ll find no dust – and your cat will love the feel of it on their feet.

And this litter is totally not going to track around your house.




I like all these pellet cat litters and would recommend them all, depending on what you’re looking for. But as you can probably tell I am a big fan of Yesterday’s News so I would recommend that one above the rest.

I absolutely love the fact that it’s made from recycled newspaper and it doesn’t track around the house. And although I think all their formulas are great, I particularly like Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter, Unscented Low-Tracking Option. This formula is unscented – but it still masks odor nicely.

You, your family, your cat, and any guests you have in your home won’t have to worry about any dust or smells which could trigger an allergic reaction if you use this formula.

It’s pretty much the perfect pellet cat litter.

Carmen Scott
Carmen Scott
I’m the “Mom” behind The Cat Mom. I adopted my two kitties back in 2014 and since they’re the heart and soul of our home so we decided to share our experiences and tips with everyone who share the same love for their furry friends as us.

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